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Good Hope Hotel -



The story, set in the south of the United States, tells of Charles, a country musician who, oppressed by guilt, flees from the entrance of the concert hall before his most important concert.

He will offer a ride to a man with whom he will share the oddities of his journey until they arrive in front of a historic hotel now decrepit. Together with the owner, a distant relative of the founder, the two traveling companions will decide to stop to restructure and reopen it.

The Goos Hope Hotel will be reborn by welcoming, among its customers, personalities with special stories, all united by the urgent need for assistance. Moreover, many events will see the Good Hope Hotel involved making it decisive for the life of that area.

It will be time for Charles to walk back to the stage and face his guilt. But everything is not as it seems, and another mysterious character, apparently met by chance, will bring clarity about his guilt. It will guide him to the beginning of a new mysterious destiny.



“What would the world be without songs, poems or books telling fantastic stories? What to the men if there was no one to stimulate their imagination and make them dream?”





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       Good Hope Hotel

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Good Hope Hotel


            235 Pages
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Good Hope Hotel





Part One


Far from Nashville



Part Two

On the Road



Part Three

Good Hope Hotel



Part Four

A Swallow Is Born








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