Domenico Corna


  Little Soul - Introduction


A small plane flies between states and oceans to assist unusual boys from very far away.

  Alex, the protagonist, who owns a small tourist plane and a small airstrip made by grass, meets a strange character who offers him the task of accompanying him for a week. Alex doesn't know he's undergoing some kind of apprenticeship. He leads him between impossible situations, for a future, unusual job.
  Alex is going to meet some very unusual guys who are going to give the same, unusual assistance. But the real difficulty will be to understand the reasons for his involvement.





Shiny Lake
Night Clouds
Wood of Plane
       Good Hope Hotel

Voice in the Night
Touch of Happiness

Little Soul
Our Madness

You Can Hear Me
Fairy Tales
 Wood of Tales
Little Soul


             260 Pages
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Little Soul





Part One


Little Soul



Part Two

Boys and Girls



Part Three




Part Four


The Station








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