Domenico Corna


Night Clouds - Up There on the Upland

Part One - Chapter One


   The day was so beautiful; some wind came down from the mountain. Perhaps it was spring or only its scent that from the high layers slipped into the valley. Large, white clouds floated in the sky like ships that, being detached from the port, begin their travel slowly, swinging, an enormous flock of sheep behind an invisible shepherd. Sometimes they joined; sometimes they were separated, following an instinct that Martina did not understand.
   She looked up, taken away from the dynamics and their spell. Even her ears felt nothing but that slow sliding. In her head formed a sweet music—an unknown mental transport.
   She closed her eyes and the clouds continued to slide in her thoughts, slowly. So she seemed to be in the middle of the clouds taking part of that gentle and tender walk.
   The sky was so near and blue to seem everywhere, over and inside her head. It had a warm and sweet scent that seemed to push slowly and constantly from the wind. Martina spread her arms for a moment in an instinctive movement, following an illogical urge to catch the clouds.
An unexpected and uneasy feeling made a dark contrast in her mind that was impossible to define, and she began to gasp for breath, like after a long race.
   It was not an apprehension or a real fear; it seemed instead the effect of the clouds′ wake, as if she had as soon leave an disagreeable and distressing situation. A tense moment stirred her physical and mental state and made her heart race.
   She did not know how much the white clouds and the heat of the sun had kidnapped her attention. She found herself sitting in a great, green meadow, with her back against a tree and her nose turned upward; what she had just seen and felt now was only a memory suggested in this moment.

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Part One - Up There on the Upland
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