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Shiny Lake - Part Two

The community - Chapter Five



The girl had long black hair and her look straight at her with benevolent air. His partner stood one step behind her and smiled. They stopped by the fire. The dog approached wagging his tail and went to give another licking to Helen.

“Sorry if we scared you.” said the girl, smiling. “We would have liked to have presented ourselves in a more appropriate manner.”

Helen, in turn, smiled as she moved to leave the place by the fire. The boy went to get two big stones for himself and the girl, so he tried some other dry wood to feed the fire. Meanwhile, the girls looked at each other with quick glances without saying a word.

“I think I should apologize for putting my tent on your property.” Helen exclaimed with a shy smile.

“You don’t have to apologize.” said the girl. “You can stay here as long as you like. This lake belongs to no one.” She raised her hand. “I am Alice and he is Martin.”

Martin shook her hand very hard, repeatedly nodding.“I find truly incredible to make acquaintances here in the middle of a forest.” continued Helen. “I was convinced it was a place without human presence. I haven’t seen any houses around here.”

Alice nodded looking at her intensely without any answer.

Helen smiled. Everyone’s gaze went towards the fire and the games created by the wind. Meanwhile, Helen watched her guests closely. Alice was tall with her complexion accustomed to the heat of the sun. Martin, on the other hand, was robust in shape with a smile printed on his face like a stamp. The arms were long and clumsy. The two boys responded to her inquisitive glances without showing any timidity. They seemed comfortable.

Helen made coffee, they all drank together from a single cup. It had its color and only a distant taste to remember it.

“You intrigue me very much.” said Alice, looking at her suddenly. “Why did you come up here on this lake?”

Helen looked up as if she had been caught out it. “It’s a beautiful place. I’ve wanted to go for so long. In the end I decided.”

 Alice nodded. “When I saw you arrive, I couldn’t resist the curiosity of coming down to meet you. Is the reason for your presence really only about the beauty of that place?”

“It’s true, it’s not only about its beauty. Something strange has happened to me here and I need answers.” Helen looked down and, inexplicably, began to speak without reservation. “It happened one afternoon, over this lake by plane. That day I saw a little girl here on the beach trying to pick up rocks. When I looked at her, I felt like I was empty and suddenly I was down here.

“I had become a child. I felt my body only a few years old with my feet immersed in sand and water. I could smell the lake, the wind, the woods and, on the contrary, the plane where I was supposed to be on, seemed distant. It was a strange feeling. I don’t know what to call it.” She gestured by tending the muscles of her face and arms. “It only took a few seconds before I heard myself on the plane again. Since then, I have come back every time with the thought of finding plausible motives. That’s why I decided to come up here.”

“It’s very interesting.” said Alice as she approached. Her eyes smiled like a child after a fairy tale.

“Yes, I think so too, but I don’t know how to act about it.”

Alice put her hand on Helen’s shoulder smiling kindly. “Try make search, you never know, the answer could really come from here. Searching is nevertheless important, sometimes you can find the solution, sometimes you cannot, but research is always the right choice. When the mind opens, surely something enters it.”

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Shiny Lake
Part Two - The Community
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