Domenico Corna


 Touch of Happiness - Introduction


Someone hidden in the middle of your thoughts holds your hand and forces you down incomprehensible paths. Meetings are never random.
Unreasonable guidance, you will console their pains without noticing, so fantastic and incredible. Even alone, abandoned, you will not give up the task. In the end, you will wait for the last wish and promise to be fulfilled.

On American roads, you will walk freely through history between shocking events and ancient traditions.
But lives, as always, are two: one to live and another to invent. It will be difficult to move both of them towards a positive solution.
The risk is to become part of a new legend.

Life can change when you finally understand the reasons of your madness.




Shiny Lake
Night Clouds
Wood of Plane
       Good Hope Hotel

Voice in the Night
Touch of Happiness
Little Soul

Our Madness

You Can Hear Me
Fairy Tales
 Wood of Tales
Touch of Happiness


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Touch of Happiness





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Long Travel



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New Legend








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