Domenico Corna


Wood Of Plane - Introduction



"In the Great Divide, far beyond the stars, the world from which they came was shattered in a huge explosion; the hearts of all its inhabitants followed the wave and were thrown about, scattered in thousands of other worlds. Many of them fell to Earth. Time took possession of them, he wiped their memory, and, as with any other inhabitant of Earth, he forced them to run through a thousand seasons."





Even in hard times

when the goal seems to vanish

there is something great

hidden inside a thought,

a fairy tale, a smile,

waiting to be caught

before it vanishes.







Shiny Lake
Night Clouds
Wood of Plane
       Good Hope Hotel

Voice in the Night
Touch of Happiness

Little Soul
Our Madness

You Can Hear Me
Fairy Tales
 Wood of Tales
Wood of Plane
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Wood of Plane





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Wood of Plane



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You'll Have My Love Until the End of Time





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