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I always thought how time was too precious gift to be wasted. So I started writing to fill the spare time as if they were dimes and a nickels at the bar. I found out how powerful the fantasy is if you let it run free. This is how my alternate worlds were born, lived by real people at least as much as the real ones.

                       Welcome to my world.

I fantasized with Helen, the protagonist of Shiny Lake, the first tale. She is searching for the truth on top of a plateau where she will discover an unusual and important destiny hidden in the folds of her life. The past and the future will be confused by folding back on themselves.

In the second work Night Clouds, the protagonist is the fantasy: a great force that can build without limit, as much as destroy. The protagonist, unable to understand it, will come to experience the madness. The solution will not be to struggle to regain mental stability.

The Wood of Plane is the history of an ancient, far-off world that has now been dissolved. There is a new alliance formed by the inhabitants of the forest with a spirit far beyond the supposed monotonous and static life to which they are forced. You can discover many of its inhabitants in the Wood of Tales, a collection of fairy tales, one for each inhabitant of the forest.

The book of poems: You Can Hear Me, I imagine a path to get at Home. In a poetic way, it describes the various difficult phases of a long journey full of difficulties to return from where we had started as if it was about embracing the loved one again.

Good Hope Hotel tells the story of a country music singer injured by his own music. He escapes from his most important concert to make a long journey meeting troubled people. There will come a time when he will have to review his life and make important choices.

Voice in the Night is the story of a young radio conductor on a journey between the radio stations of the American province in search of her identity. She will encounter difficult situations to deal with and an unthinkable continuation of her life as a result of the long inner journey.

Touch of Happiness. Someone hidden in the midst of your thoughts holds your hand and forces you down incomprehensible paths. Meetings are never random. You, unaware guide, so fantastic and incredible, will console their times without noticing. Even if alone, abandoned, you will not give up your task. In the end, you will wait for the last wish and promise to be fulfilled.

Little Soul. Alex owns a small tourist plane and a grass airfield. One day he a meeting with an incomprehensible character who, unknown to him, will subject him to difficult apprenticeship. He will find himself assisting some boys and girls out of the ordinary. The difficulty will be getting them back where they came from.

Our Madness. What does the true soul of a champion come from? From the performance acquired after long training? From the ability to maintain his personality and his dreams even under strong external pressure? Reality and imagination must find a common way to live in friendship.

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