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Alex is a pilot who owns a budding runway and a small plane which he gives the name of Little Soul. One day a strange character asks him to use his services for a few days. Alex accepts, but is faced with dangerous and impossible situations. He does not understand that he is being put to the test to verify his suitability for a very unexpected assignment. Then he will begin to travel impossible routes for a small single-propeller plane, without any help and assisted only by a friendly wind which, by its own will, will lead him to destinations unknown to him.
He will meet special characters, with them will build a relationship well beyond the usual.
Little Soul
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Wood of Plane
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Fairy Tales - Wood of Plane
Fairy Tales
Poems - Wood of Plane
Honest Deception
Second Generation
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Our Madness
Little Soul
Touch of Happiness
Voice in the Night
Good Hope Hotel
Night Clouds
Shiny Lake
Little Soul