Domenico Corna


Night Clouds - Down Here into the City

Part Two - Chapter Four

   It was dark all around when Martina took control of her thoughts. The Night Clouds were suddenly raised. The prairie silence contrasted with the animation in her head. Slow to fade away were the traffic images, the people in the square, and the colors of the afternoon.
Martina was sitting on a rock, waiting for the thoughts from the square to return to her like recalcitrant sheep that in the evening should get back into the fold.
   The prairie seemed even more a place without dimension, without limit; the bushes were imperfect forms floating on a huge lake like a slow, imperceptible flow of dark algae.
   Instinctively, a feeling of fear rose as she was breaking away from the square; it was a deep concern and disconcerting, to see that girl in the square so different from the small Martina dreamer.
She would ever remember that from that moment, her life was changed. In a few months she had moved to the square, at the beginning running away just a little from lessons, but eventually, all her interests had moved there. Finally she left the school.
   So it was definitely over, her childhood; the imagination that had driven her so far as to talk to the animals, to hear them as her only friends, left her.
Martina wanted to stop this girl she saw in the square and talk to her. But she knew the thoughts of that day: nothing was more important than that she go to the square with a purpose.
   She was captured by the different way of living: the life those guys showed her, that unassailable feeling, the speeches, attitudes, music, and smiles. She had found a place among them, any time, day and night.
It was late at night on the prairie; only the clouds flowed with pulses like before. Martina looked at them with uncertainty; she had lost the determination to look into her past and was almost tempted to follow Ginetta′s advice and enjoy the possibilities of this no-memory place.
But sometimes in front of danger or disaster, there is a strange instinct to go inside, perhaps for the frenzy to get out as soon as possible, or the wish to catch a hope beyond the tragedy.
   As following an unconscious desire, the clouds began to fall again, obscuring images of the prairie and the silence in which she was wrapped. The city appeared, and the square, on one of the many afternoons, she had sat on the edge of the fountain.

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Part Two - Down Here into the City
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