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Shiny Lake - Part Four                     

Shiny Lake  - Chapter Thirteen





Spring had just begun when Helen again took the road to climb to the village. To her family had recommended not to stay waiting for her return, pleading, with a more or less plausible story, a kind of community and belonging with the people of the village. They were not worried, soon would pass her yearning of mystery as had happened during the long trips to the East in search of a new or ancient form of mysticism.

The farmers, waiting for her return, had provided with firewood, placing it under the porch—neatly stacked.
After fixing the house, Helen stayed a long time at the door enjoying the warm sun of spring. She had not risen only with the intention of spending a long time with her people but to find a form of communication with the lake and the end of the road traveled in half—that sort of warning in which it was told her was not yet ready for go back home.


Shiny Lake
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Shiny Lake
Part Four - Shiny Lake
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