Domenico Corna


Shiny Lake - Part Three

The Celebration - Chapter Nine 


The square was full of people. Dim lights radiated around giving it an antique feeling, a discrete glow that does not disturb the tranquility of nature close to falling asleep. A sequence of phrases and words seemed to blend with the wind coming from the valley below, directed toward the top of the mountain. The sun of the past day now remained only a red halo slowly fading into the darkness of the sky. All around was the smell of freshly cut grass and hay placed in the shelter for the winter. The trees of the square began to shake their leaves, waiting for the autumn.

Helen had arrived in the square and stood on the sidelines away from the villagers, still unconvinced of the reason for her presence. Leaning against one of the plants, she watched people talking to each other. There were so many thoughts in her head, especially the lost feeling and a lack of commonality with all the inhabitants. She felt like one of those newly fallen leaves from the tree she stood leaning against, with a different destiny than those still hanging on. She had no idea about her destiny, but she had stopped to wonder.

A strange light tinged the top of the pine trees next to the small cemetery, a halo similar to a frame. Someone was already there. The others began to flow slowly toward the meeting place. Alice walked next to Helen, silently along the path, between the dark and the whispers of the people in front and behind them. The line up toward the cemetery looked like a long night procession, with torches illuminating the path.

It was completely dark when they were all inside the fence. As if following a ritual, they arranged themselves in a circle, and the silence was complete. The silence was very similar to that of the first night down by the lake, even more full of feelings for so many people’s presence, all in silence. They seemed to have an identical thought.

The crickets and nocturnal animals with their songs warned that the night had already begun. The mountain’s contours in front were suddenly illuminated; soon the moon would be overhead.


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Shiny Lake
Part Three - The Celebration
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