Domenico Corna


      First Generation - Back at Home

                  Chapter Fifteen


Marì woke up at dawn. The sun came straight through the window next to the bed to hit her right in her eyes.
She stood there with no desire to get up—to stop what had happened the previous night. She had got the fantasy—the purpose of her journey. Nothing else was more important but, as often happens at the end of happy moments, she wondered if it could constitute a new beginning. She didn’t feel different from the day before.
She smiled, sending further reflections to the next occasion. She had begun her journey towards California and was going to keep the purpose.
She took the road west and went into another desert. She passed the mountains to get to the sea near San Francisco. She had to travel along the coastal road in a southerly direction to reach places not crowded.
The evening had fallen when she managed to stop a few steps from the sea. It was a lovely and lonely location at the top of the coast with a difference in height of a few feet over the beach. She could hear the sound of the waves going out on the sand.
She had encountered no other opportunity to enter others' dreams. Trill seemed to have disappeared. She felt like an ordinary person when she reached the destination of her journey.
Over the past two nights, she had tried to trigger the fantasy to build, but nothing had happened. As if all the time spent inventing together with Martina had been an illusion. She had imagined opening her mind to build fantastic worlds, but in that condition she would not even be able to light the flame of a candle.
That evening she was sitting facing the sea immersed in these thoughts when, suddenly she noticed the presence of Trill.
Marì smiled as she approached. "You finally showed up. I have several questions for you."
Trill smiled, taking her hand. "Your questions about doubts, I know them but you won’t like the answers."







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