Domenico Corna


      First Generation - Overseas

                  Chapter Eight


The journey to the United States was quite hectic. Marì had never flown on an airliner and felt anxious to be at such a high altitude. She thought of Trill’s little plane—a small toy towards a traveling town full of technology.
Crooked instead felt comfortable, traveling by plane had always been a habit in her youth. She told of her family and conflicts with her father about her future. When she left, slamming the door, she had sworn to him that she would never come back again until she had made the choices she wanted for her life.
When they arrived at the airport, before disembarking, the hostess asked to be followed and accompanied to a reserved exit. An airport taxi led them to another runway at the edge, where an aircraft already had its engines running.
Marì was bewildered. She had heard of an interrogation-like check to get into the country, but no one had asked her for anything. Only in front of the access ladder to the aircraft, a man in uniform with a smile asked her to show him her passport. She found herself on a smaller plane similar to the good living room of a villa. Four leather armchairs were facing the center where newspapers and magazines were displayed on a small table.
The stewardess asked her if she wanted to eat but Marì was not hungry. After taking off she was then offered a glass of sparkling wine. Crooked was on the phone with her mom while she updated her on her dad’s condition. Her worried face was showing the seriousness of the situation.
After a few hours they landed on a private track where a car was waiting. It took a few minutes to get to the ranch. The property had an important entrance with cameras and security personnel. A high wall surrounded it as mounted men scoured the borders.
Marì was amazed she would never have imagined such a situation. When they arrived at their destination she seemed to enter a country. The manor house was illuminated and projected its light at a great distance.
Crooked ran to the house as Mom was leaving. They hugged each other for a long time then entered together. The father didn’t have much hope, maybe it was matter of a few days.
Marì stood aside and sat under the porch before the entrance. Other people were sitting nearby and talking about the situation. They said how soon everything would change in the ranch, they had to be ready for any eventuality.
After a few moments from the house Crooked came out, her face was wet. "Excuse me if I can’t keep you company tonight. I want to be next to my father."
Marì reassured her. She only asked for the favor of being accompanied to a hotel. The next day she would return.
Crooked laughed and walked to a distinguished gentleman of a certain age sitting under the porch. After a few moments she hugged Marì and returned to the house reassuring her she would meet the next morning.
"Madam, do you wish to rest or do you have other plans for the evening?" asked the distinguished gentleman.
"Thank you, but I am quite tired, I would just like to eat something before going to the hotel."
The distinguished gentleman smiled. "You don’t need to go to any hotel. You are a guest. I am at your disposal as long as you wish. If you agree, I’ll take you to a house at your disposal. If you inform me about your preferences, I’ll make to cook the dinner."
Marì looked at him in amazement. She had always been used to serving people, after hearing those words, she hardly stopped laughing.
"Thank you. Just something frugal." Marì reassured him. "I don’t know what your habits are, but I trust you."
The distinguished gentleman nodded and invited her to get in the car. It took another ten minutes to get to the house for her.
"I’ll make you something warm. Would you like a vegetable soup?" asked the man to open the door, handing her the keys and a phone for every need. "You’ll still find the refrigerator well stocked. Hospitality is sacred to us. Of any need do not hesitate to call me, I am the first number on the list."
When the door closed she could not believe her eyes. The house consisted of three large rooms with an imposing wooden staircase on the right side towards the sleeping area. In the next room was a billiard table and a large screen similar to that of a cinema. A piano, two guitars and sound system were available as if a band had performed the day before. In another room there was a huge equipped kitchen where a wooden table gave a touch of antique. On the walls stood coats of arms, trophies, signs and a large showcase with signed cups and baseballs.
Marì was surprised by opening the French window to the outside from the opposite side from where she had entered: a large porch with two rocking chairs—one facing the other, were in plain sight. A pebble road led to a nearby pond protected by flower beds and hedges. She could smell the fresh scent of running water. Beyond the garden lay a forest full of vegetation.
After a few minutes she heard a knock on the door. A lady dressed in white holding a large basket, after greeting, asked permission to set the table. She diligently prepared the dinner. She pointed her name on the phone and recommended to call her if needed.
"I don’t think I can eat everything you brought me."
The lady smiled. "Don’t worry, nothing goes to waste here. We have so many animals. They will enjoy eating your leftovers." After a slight bow she said goodbye.







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