Domenico Corna


First Generation - Unexpected Decision

                  Chapter One


It was almost sunset. Marì was sitting on the balcony of one of the free rooms watching the sea and the sky quickly changing colors in that so different April. Spots of emerald green alternated with blue in a kind of dialogue with the clouds immediately above them.
On the large beach across the street, someone had already prepared beach umbrellas and any kind of attractions for an early spring. They carefully designed the spaces while the young workers moved from the cabin to the cabin with brushes and paint boxes. In everyone’s eyes there was the frenzy of waiting for the new bathing season. They were certain, it would be even more productive than the one just passed.
Marì, even if owner of one of the hotels near the beach, was not inclined to the common frenzy. From the balcony, careless, she stared at the sea and the work of her colleagues as if it did not concern her.
Sometimes a passerby, seeing her, gave a greeting without waiting for a response. They knew her quite introverted and absent character.
As had happened to many houses in the village, also that of Marì, had become a hotel shortly after the end of the war.
The retreating soldiers had brought with them the image of those large free beaches and, in the early fifties, they began to return, no longer with bellicose intent, but to spend the summer holidays. Weather conditions were better than those in the northern seas to which they were accustomed.
The inhabitants realized the change of situation and began to turn the houses into hotels. In the same way Marì's grandfather, having the house near the beach, followed the common idea and decided to turn it by adapting it to the hospitality of the holidaymakers. The pension was named Mariuccia in memory of her recently deceased mother.






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