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First Generation - Mysterious World

                  Chapter Five


Marì was lost. In that strange morning without a breath of wind, she had realized to turn in vain. Even if she took a long journey and changed roads at the many intersections, at the end she always found herself at the beginning of a country not marked on the map.
Each time, after getting out of the camper looking around and spreading her arms, she had climbed up in an attempt to find a way out. But after a long ride she always came to the same point with the impression of being trapped in a labyrinth from which it is impossible to find the way out.
At the beginning of that village there was a bus stop. Marì pulled up the camper and walked in that direction.
The shelter was protected by a cover useful not to get wet in case of rain. The protection also protruded on the sides so that she couldn’t find if someone was sitting. When she approached, there was a man seated on the bench.
As he noticed Marì, he got up and went to meet her. It was Trill, the man she met a few days before at the market. He took off his hat as a courtesy.
"Did you see? We met on a waiting bench!" he exclaimed, inviting Marì to sit down. "How’s the trip going?"
Marì sat down and looked at him suspiciously. "It’s going well but I haven’t finished yet."
"I know," Trill replied. "Sometimes some journeys are longer than you can imagine".
Marì nodded slowly, surprised and uncertain.
"You mustn’t be surprised at our meeting," the man continued, smiling. "I followed you with great interest."
The woman was even more astonished. She had not noticed to be under observation.
"As German told you," insisted Trill. "There are two of your journeys. One of which is very close to my heart".
Marì frowned. "How do you know about German? I never met you during my time with him."
"Yes, I know, but I know that boy. Like Mario, whom you met last day. By the way, he’s very happy for the dog."
Marì was stunned. Trill noticed her almost frightened expression.
"Don’t worry," Trill added. "You’ll see if you’ll be with us for a while."
"With you? How many are there?" Marì asked, intrigued.
"Many," the man exclaimed, widening his eyes. "Would you like to meet any of them?"
Even with some doubts, Marì nodded without answering.
Trill smiled, squinting. "But there is one condition without which it will not be possible. You must tell me sincerely whether you will agree to continue or stop your journey in case you are asked to."
Marì smiled undecidedly. She did not understand the reason for such a strange request.
"There’s nothing dark and dangerous," Trill reassured her. "But another kind of path might be ready for you."
Marì frowned and looked around to see if anyone else was hiding nearby. "But who are you?"
At the woman’s question, Trill looked down, hesitating to answer, then sighed a deep sigh.
"It is difficult to explain where I come from, who I am as well as my people. I would run the risk of being misunderstood. In the end you would not understand and would not agree to meet people so mysterious and different from the usual."
"How do I decide?" asked Marì. "If I don’t even know the terms of the choice as well as who I’m dealing with. I could never agree to work with someone without knowing him."
Trill nodded. "It’s not really a job but just a development of the characteristics of your spirit. However I can imagine it." She touched Marì’s face with her hand, causing an astonished reaction. "You’re right. You need to know who we are. Eventually you’ll decide."
The man extracted a road map, opened it and handed it to Marì. "There are hidden roads impossible to identify without the directions written here."
Marì took it but shook her head. "I have travelled them so many times, trying every possible bifurcation, it is impossible not to have tried them all."
The man stroked Marì again. "Little Marì, you have to trust. This map will lead you to unmarked roads on the other maps. Today is an important day for you. No one is allowed to meet us but you have changed the fate of Lily, German and Mario. This was very important for us."
Trill smiled with amusement. "Today you will join us. I do not ask you to promise to keep the secret because no one could ever believe any stories about us."







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