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When the Great Divide happened, an ancient world shattered into a great explosion and the souls of its inhabitants were cast out into a thousand other worlds. Many of them, unaware of their origin, live alongside us. With lost memory, anyone can be so, but to gain Knowledge you must return to the initial condition.
It seems impossible, but there is a path, unique and personal, to overcome fears and get a free soul—a leap in quality and imagination—to be ready to escape away from this existence so complicated, violent and overflowing with rules.

David and Laura will walk that path with the intention of building the most beautiful fairytale ever invented—prelude to the new world. But, before leaving, they will go in search of all the ancient inhabitants to gather them in the Wood of Plane—a place to call House, wrapped in an invisible blanket of secrecy.
But there is also Michelle, a soul of this Earth and like her many others with the desire to participate in the new reality. She will be fundamental to the hopes of each of them.
Wood of Plane
Part 1
Wood of Plane
Blues Ale Publishing
April 2023

ISBN 979-12-81450-01-1
Pages 274

Target Price: $ 11

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ISBN 979-12-81450-02-8
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